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This is a street in Montreal right after a snow storm, or perhaps a day after a snow storm, or perhaps a few days after a snow storm. This all depends on the city's snow clearing crews and when they are ready. Sometimes the city's road department says the snow will be cleared as soon as possible surely they jest, most times when we get a big dump it takes weeks. As you can see, there's no one on the streets, none to be seen. It is very quiet. Perhaps the  quietest its been in a long time. Everyone who owns a car or has their car in the driveway are at home preparing a human sacrifice to the snow gods pleading with them to give them courage, strength and patience to clear their cars and driveways so that they can get to work.   If their sacrifices have been rejected they will reek havoc upon these people by permitting the city snow plows to plow snow next to  their cars whether they are on the street or in their drive ways.
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