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I remember in the late 80`s right around the time that Netscape 1, the first enabled web browser came out, wow, it nearly blew my socks off. Finally an Internet with pictures. Before that it had been an Internet without pics, and all we had was a simple browser called Mosaic......text without images. The Internet in those days was simple. It was organic, and somewhat virginal for want of a better word and believe it or not there were no viruses to speak of. Then the suits got hold of it and ever since, it has become “Whorish!” It is not safe any more. WWW does not represent the World Wide Web but rather The Wild Wild West. You will need a Sheriff and a dozen Deputies to keep watch over your computer.
In essence you will need an Ant-Virus, an Anti-Trojan, an Anti-Mal-Ware, a Software Firewall, and a Wired or Wireless Router with a password as long as your private parts  to keep you safe and only just, cause nothing is perfectly safe in the WWW. Yeah, baby, we’ve come along way just to have some fun!!!!!!
Matching Software To Match Your Needs
Please be advised that due to the nature of the state of some PC’s, that not all of these software may work well together. They are definitely good matches, they are not expensive, and some of the choices here are completely Free!
Security Section
The Main Rule Of Thumb: Never Install 2 Anti-Virus or Firewall Software Together on your PC Doing so may cause Conflicts in your computer and cause it to crash * denotes FREE
The easiest way to check and see if you have any kind of malware on your machine is to do a Netstat -o Here is the Link.....Please Follow The Instructions
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