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So like these 3 old senior citizens walk into a sleazy New York bar. They just got off a cruise ship and wanted to see some of the hot spots of the Big Apple. They were also tired and hungry. So they walked into this bar. One of them who happened to read and speak English looks at the menu on the chalk board and reads it, it said: Ham Sandwich $4.00, Ham and Cheese Sandwich $4.50, Hand Job $5.00 He looks at his 2 friends who are rather perplexed at his astonishment. “Only in America” he shouts in joy! He explains to his 2 friends as they laugh with giddy delight. He looks at the bar maid and says” Are you the one who gives Hand Jobs?” She replies with a smile,” I certainly am.” The old guy says, ”Wash you hands and give us 3 ham and cheese sandwiches.”
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