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There are not too many cites in the world that you visit, whether it be for business or travelling pleasure, that you can walk and see the sites, soak up the culture, and eat in local restaurants. I can name you a few, such as Paris, New York, and Montreal. Montreal, Paris, and New York, I consider walking cities. Montreal and Paris are green, while New York may lack in inner city green spaces, it makes up for it in cultural, theatrical and entertainment venues. All countries and their respective cities, town and villages have something of value to offer, culturally or otherwise. Rome, Paris and London, their history, culture and food. New York , its excitement, and entertainment venues, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, their California lifestyles. Montreal offers its unique underground shopping areas, its thousands of restaurants, beautiful big parks, and miles of bicycle paths, using its famous Bixi System.
Travel while you can, for as long as you can. Remember, in travelling, its not the destination that’s the goal, its getting there..............
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